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Systems at the University of Chicago

The Systems Group is a vibrant, collaborative research community with diverse, synergistic research interests spanning systems, programming languages and software engineering, software and hardware architecture, data-intensive computing and databases, graphics and visualization, and systems biology. The Systems group has grown rapidly over the past several years, and is now over 15 faculty, and 75 PhD students. We have growing impact across the research community and industry. We celebrated the launch of a new research center, CERES Center for Unstoppable Computing in 2016; now grown to four companies! We have strong ties to the Computation Institute and Argonne National Laboratory's Mathematics and Computer Science Division and Leadership Computing Facility

Come and join us!

With a strong core of faculty and students, we are growing in broadly-defined strategic clusters. We are currently focused on Data-Intensive Computing, defined inclusively as all computer science areas inspired by activities taking data thru collection, organization, analysis, and new insight (in contrast to the traditional definition). The strategic growth of the Systems Group has the strong support of the department and the university, which together have launched this extraordinary initiative that includes hiring new faculty and major expansion of the PhD program.

Systems@UChicago Research Projects:

Architectures for New Memory Technologies
Architectures Exploiting Data and Computation Similarity
Cloud Bugs Annihilation — Large-Scale Concurrency, Limpware, and Scalability Bugs
Diderot — A Parallel Domain-Specific Language for Image Analysis and Visualization
ExM — System Support for Extreme Scale, Many Task Computing
Glift — Hardware Support for Trustworthy Computing
Global View Resilience — Resilience at Extreme-scale and Error Rates
Globus — Enabling Computational Science with Online Services
KBase — The Systems Biology Knowledgebase
LiGHTS — Lagging Hardware Tolerant Systems
Manticore — Heterogeneous Parallel Programming for Multicore
SEEC — Self-aware, Energy-Efficient Computing
10x10 — Heterogeneous Architecture for Data Analytics
QC — Software and Architectures for Quantum Computing
Sketch-n-Sketch — Interactive, Semi-Automated Programming Environments
Tiny-Tail Storage — Tail Latency, Storage Systems
ZCCloud / RiVER — Scaling Computing with Zero-Carbon Footprint

More about us

The Systems Group is part of the University of Chicago's Department of Computer Science, the hub of a diverse computing community of over two hundred researchers focused on advancing the foundations of computing and driving its most advanced applications. Long distinguished in theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, the Department is engaged in a multi-year effort to build an extraordinary Systems research group. This closely-knit community includes the Computation Institute , the Toyota Technological Institute, and Argonne's Mathematics and ComputerScience Division.