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The Systems Group is a vibrant, collaborative research community with diverse, synergistic research interests spanning systems and networking, programming languages and software engineering, software and hardware architecture, data-intensive computing and databases, graphics and visualization, and systems biology. The Systems group has deep ties to the Computation Institute and Argonne National Laboratory's Mathematics and Computer Science Division.

With a strong core of faculty and students, we are growing in broadly-defined strategic clusters. We are currently focused on Data-Intensive Computing, defined inclusively as all computer science areas inspired by activities taking data thru collection, organization, analysis, and new insight (in contrast to the traditional definition ). The strategic growth of the Systems Group has the strong support of the department and the university, which together have launched this extraordinary initiative that includes hiring new faculty and major expansion of the PhD program.

Faculty Recruiting
We are hiring top junior Systems faculty as part of a university strategic initiative to build an extraordinary Systems Group (official systems recruiting posting ). And while our strategic focus is Data-Intensive Computing, we welcome applications from top candidates in all Systems areas. Come and join us!

This year, we hired Prof. Shan Lu (from Wisconsin), Dr. Ravi Chugh (from UCSD), Dr. Ariel Feldman (from Princeton and UPenn), and Dr. Aaron Elmore (from UCSB and MIT)! Adding to other recent hires 2012: Dr. Haryadi Gunawi and Dr. Hank Hoffmann , and in 2011: Prof. Andrew A. Chien, we are growing fast!

Graduate Student Recruiting
With rapidly growing research programs, we are always looking for energetic, creative PhD students -- the opportunities abound! Here is PhD Program Information. In 2014, we have a strong incoming class of 13 new systems PhD students, bringing the overall number to near forty. Overall,the system group includes well over fifty faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.

Systems@UChicago Research Projects:

  • Diderot -- A Parallel Domain-Specific Language for Image Analysis and Visualization

  • EASE ---- Easy Exabyte Computing (includes Blockus and GVR: Global View Resilience )

  • ExM ---- System Support for Extreme Scale, Many Task Computing

  • Globus Online ---- Enabling Computational Science with Online Services

  • KBASE ---- The Systems Biology Knowledgebase

  • LiGHTS ---- Lagging Hardware Tolerant Systems

  • Manticore ---- Heterogeneous Parallel Programming for Multicore

  • SEEC ---- Self-aware, Energy-efficient Computing

  • 10x10 ---- Taming Heterogeneous Architectures for General-Purpose Computing

  • UCARE ---- UChicago Cloud Reliability Availability and Elasticity

    The Systems Group is part of the University of Chicago's Department of Computer Science, the hub of a diverse computing community of over two hundred researchers focused on advancing the foundations of computing and driving its most advanced applications. Long distinguished in theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, the Department is engaged in a multi-year effort to build an extraordinary Systems research group. This closely-knit community includes the Computation Institute , the Toyota Technological Institute, and Argonne's Mathematics and Computer Science Division.