Computer Science Systems Faculty

Additional UC Computer Science and UChicago Researchers

  • Monisha Ghosh, Research Associate (Professor), Institute for Molecular Engineering
  • Robert Grossman, Director of Informatics IGSB, Senior Fellow (CI)
  • Varun Gupta, Assistant Professor, Booth School of Business , University of Chicago
  • Andrew Siegel, CSPP Faculty, Faculty Resident Master, Senior Fellow (CI), Senior Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory.

    Computation Institute and Argonne Scientists (active collaborations*)

  • Pavan Balaji*, Fellow (CI) and Asst Computer Scientist (MCS)
  • Peter Beckman*, Senior Fellow (CI) and Senior Computer Scientist (MCS)
  • Kyle Chard*, Computation Institute
  • Charlie Catlett, Senior Fellow (CI), Senior Computer Scientist (MCS), former CIO (ANL) and former CTO (NCSA)
  • Kamil Iskra*, Fellow (CI) and Asst Computer Scientist (MCS)
  • Daniel S. Katz*, Senior Fellow (CI), at NSF as Program Director in OCI
  • Kate Keahey, Fellow (CI) and Computer Scientist (MCS)
  • Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Fellow (CI)
  • Ewing L. (Rusty) Lusk, Senior Fellow (CI) and Argonne Distinguished Fellow
  • Tanu Malik, Fellow (CI)
  • Rob Ross*, Senior Fellow (CI)
  • Borja Sotomayor, Researcher (CI), Lecturer (CS)
  • Rajeev Thakur, Senior Fellow (CI)
  • Steve Tuecke, Deputy Director (CI)
  • Michael Wilde*, Fellow (CI)