Systems Seminars in the University of Chicago Computing Community

SystemsSeminar SystemsSeminar SystemsSeminar

There are a number of interesting ongoing seminar series in the University of Chicago community. An incomplete list of these is included below:

  • Systems Research Group Paper Reading Seminar, University of Chicago

  • Computer Science Department Seminars, University of Chicago

  • Research Computing Center Seminars, University of Chicago

  • Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology, University of Chicago

  • ACM Chapter of UChicago Seminars

  • Computation Institute Events

  • Computation of Imaging-Based Science Seminars

  • Computation Knowledge Synthesis Seminar

  • Data-Intensive Computing Lunch

  • Argonne Mathematics and Computer Science Seminars

  • Argonne Leadership Computing Seminars

    The Systems Group is part of the University of Chicago's Department of Computer Science, the hub of a diverse computing community of over two hundred researchers focused on advancing the foundations of computing and driving its most advanced applications. Long distinguished in theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, the Department is engaged in a multi-year effort to build an extraordinary Systems research group. This closely-knit community includes the Computation Institute , the Toyota Technological Institute , and Argonne's Mathematics and Computer Science Division .