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Department of Computer Science:
Fall 2015 PhD Student Admission in Systems

The University of Chicago's Department of Computer Science has launched a strategic initiative to build an extraordinary Systems Group. With strong core of faculty and students in place, we are looking to grow significantly the number of PhD students in the next couple of years. Our areas of systems research is defined expansively to include all areas, including but not limited to Architecture, Databases, Distributed Systems, Graphics, Networking, Operating Systems, Programming Languages, Systems Biology, and Visualization.

Growth of the Systems Group has the strong support of the department and the university. In the past few years, our department has grown rapidly by hiring seven senior and junior faculty in Systems. Over the next several years, we anticipate doubling the number of systems faculty and doctoral students. The Systems group has deep ties to the Computation Institute and Argonne Natl Lab's Math and Computer Science Division. We also enjoy strong relationships with academic and industrial partners in the Chicago area.

To apply, please visit:
(Deadline: Jan 7, 2015)

Systems Research Projects:

BHIVE: Modeling and Simulation Environment for Large-scale Study of Cellular Community Behavior
- A Modeling and Simulation Environment for Large-scale study of Cellular Community Behavior
- Areas: Systems Biology, Data-Intensive Computing

- Big Data (Graphs) Computation on Small Machines
- Areas: Databases, Programming Languages, Data-Intensive Computing

Diderot: A Parallel Domain-Specific Language for Image Analysis and Visualization
- A Parallel Domain-Specific Language for Image Analysis & Visualization
- Areas: Programming Language, Visualization, Data-Intensive Computing, Parallel Programming

- System support for extreme-scale, many task application

Globus: Enabling Computational Science with Online Services
- Enabling Computational Science with Online Services
- Areas: Distributed Systems, Data-Intensive Computing

GVR: Global View Resilience
- Enabling reliable computations on unreliable computers
- Areas: Programming Language, Reliable Computing, Parallel Programming

- The Systems Biology Knowledgebase
- Areas: Systems Biology

LiGHTS: Lagging Hardware Tolerant Systems

- Heterogeneous Parallel Programming for Multicore
- Areas: Programming Language, Energy Efficient Computing, Parallel Programming

SEEC: Self-aware, Energy-Efficient Computing
- A Framework for self-management of performance, resilience, energy, and accuracy tradeoffs in extreme-scale computing systems
- Areas: Computer Architecture, Energy Efficient Computing

Bug Fighter
- Improving the correctness and efficiency of software systems
- Areas: Systems, Program Analysis, Software Reliability

- Taming Heterogeneity for General-Purpose Computing
- Areas: Computer Architecture, Energy Efficient Computing

- UChicago systems research on Cloud Availability Reliability and Elasticity
- Areas: Databases, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Reliable Computing, Data-Intensive Computing

- Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment
- Areas: Distributed System, Data-Intensive Computing

Current Systems Faculty (Alphabetical Order)

Andrew A. Chien (MIT)
- William Eckhardt Professor, Former Vice President of Research @ Intel Corp.
- Interests: Large-scale Computing Systems - Computer Architecture, Systems Software, Storage, and Data-Intensive Applications.
Ravi Chugh (UCSD)
- Assistant Professor
- Interests: Programming Language, Compiler, and Program Analysis Technology.
Aaron Elmore (MIT, UC Santa Barbara)
- Assistant Professor
- Interests: Elastic Systems, Database Multitenancy, Live Data Migration, Cloud Computing, and making data management easier for other scientific domains.
Ariel Feldman (Princeton)
- Assistant Professor
- Interests: Computer Security and Privacy, Information Technology Policy.
Ian T. Foster (Imperial College)
- Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor, Director - UC/ANL Computation Institute.
- Interests: Tools for Scientific Computing, Grid and Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems.
Haryadi S. Gunawi (UC Berkeley, Wisconsin)
- Neubauer Family Assistant Professor
- Interests: Cloud Computing Operating Systems, Storage Systems, and Distributed Systems.
Henry Hoffmann (MIT)
- Assistant Professor
- Interests: Parallel architecture and Systems Software, Power-Aware Computing, Accuracy-Aware Computing, Decision Making in Self-Managing Computer Systems.
Gordon L. Kindlmann (Utah)
- Assistant Professor
- Interests: Scientific Visualization and Image Analysis for Biomedical Applications.
Shan Lu (Wisconsin, UIUC)
- Associate Professor
- Interests: Computer Systems, Software Reliability, Concurrent/Parallel Systems.
John Reppy (Cornell)
- Professor
- Interests: Parallel and Concurrent Programming Languages, Functional and Object-Oriented Languages, Design and Implementation.
Anne Rogers (Cornell)
- Associate Professor, Winner of Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.
- Interests: Data-Intensive Computing, Computer Science Undergraduate and Graduate Education.
Rick Stevens (WMU)
- Professor, Director -- Computing, Environment, and Life Sciences at Argonne National Laboratory.
- Interests: Computational Biology and Metagenomics, High-Performance Computing and Visualization.

About the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is one of the world's great intellectual communities. Founded in 1890 with an extraordinary donation by John D. Rockefeller it has grown to over 2,000 faculty and 15,000 students. Founded with a focus on research excellence, the University continues this tradition with numerous Nobel Prize and other notable awards. The University of Chicago is consistently ranked in the top dozen universities in the world with top-ranked programs in the sciences, humanities, and professional schools.

The Department of Computer Science is the hub of a large, diverse computing research community of focused on advancing foundations of computing and driving its most advanced applications. Long distinguished in theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, the Department is now building a strong Systems research group. This closely-knit community includes the Computation Institute, the Toyota Technological Institute, and Argonne's Mathematics and Computer Science Division.